This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory On Bran Could Reveal The Key To Saving Westeros

There have been a lot of questions raised recently on Game of Thrones about the nature of Bran’s visions. Up until season six, it seemed like that’s all they were: Bran looking back on the past. Even the Three Eyed Raven said, “The past is already written. The ink is dry.”

But that doesn’t seem to be completely true, based on the events we witnessed at the end of episode five, “The Door.” In that episode, Bran wargs into Hodor from inside a vision with young Hodor and breaks Hodor’s brain through time. What in the seven hells does that mean for the nature of time in the series and Bran’s ability to change it?

It’s got a lot of Game of Thrones fans looking at Westeros history a bit differently, wondering what else may be due to Bran’s interference. After Bran’s escape from the heart tree, he had several vision-glimpses of King’s Landing from the time of Mad King Aerys, who can be heard screaming, “Burn them all!”

Is “Burn them all!” the next “Hold the door?” Will Bran go back in time and actually be the cause of the Mad King’s madness?

That’s a much bigger change in history than the muddling of some poor stable boy’s mind. But given what we know of Bran’s visions now, it could be possible. And if that’s possible, how much further down the rabbit hole will Bran go, shaping the events of history as he goes to prepare the world for the Long Night and the war against the Others?

HBO raised many eyebrows when it released an image of Bran the Builder, a legendary figure from 8,000 years ago who is credited with building the Wall. In one of the many Lore videos on the DVD boxed sets, they show him being carried around on a platform. Was Bran the Builder crippled in the same way as Bran Stark? Or does it go deeper than that, and are the two Brans actually one and the same somehow through the magic of Bran Stark’s greenseer powers?

Could Bran Stark actually be a key figure in many of the major points in Westerosi history, changing events and manipulating outcomes to set everything up in a way where humanity survives the battle to come with the Night King? True or not, our minds are blown just thinking about it.

(Via BroBible)