Two Of The Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Hung Out, And Fans Are Thrilled

09.27.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

I don’t often yell at my television, but when I do, it’s usually because Game of Thrones is on. For seasons, HBO’s Emmy-winning series cruelly deprived viewers of family members reuniting, or cool characters meeting for the first time. Think back to the infamous Red Wedding, where Arya is this close to being with mother Catelyn and brother Robb again, or in season four, when Bran and Jon are both at Craster’s Keep, but Jojen convinces the younger Stark to sneak off into the woods, undetected, during the murderous raid.

But over the past two seasons, Thrones has quit playing games with our hearts, and paired many of our favorites together: Tyrion and Dany, Bronn and Jaime, Jon and Sansa, Brienne and Pod, Brienne and Tormund, Tormund and Jon… basically anyone with Tormund, including, hopefully, Lyanna.

On Monday, Kristofer Hivju, the guy from the hotel commercials who also plays the bearded Tormund Giantsbane, uploaded a photo of himself with Bella Ramsey (bad-ass Lyanna Mormont) to his Instagram. “LOOK OUT FOR THIS ONE,” he wrote. “Bella Ramsey portrays Lyanna Mormont with such a strength, authority, and coolness! She also stars in a upcomming BBC/Netflix show called The Worst Witch! She’s super cool and a highly professional actor in the age of 11! Can’t tell you if our characters meet or not this season – but I can tell you this: you have SO much to look forward to in season 7! Hallelujaaaaa!” I hope The Worst Witch is a remake of the Tim Curry classic.

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