This ‘Game of Thrones’ Video Edit Proves That Tywin Lannister Throws The Most Awkward Dinner Parties

We’re big fans of the colorful dialogue in Game of Thrones, but did you know the show is just as entertaining without words? “Tywin Lannister’s Dinner Party” is an edit of a pivotal king’s small council scene from Game of Thrones in which all the dialogue parts are removed. The end result is delightfully awkward. We’re talking Joffrey with a puppy and Theon Greyjoy holding a hotdog awkward.

Check out the video below for an amazing reenactment of our Thanksgiving dinners. The audio editing could use a bit of work, as it seems the same two sound effects were repeated in a loop. On the other hand, who’s paying attention to the sound when kheprafish has turned the king’s small council into a tense art film, pregnant with meaning? Since it’s Game of Thrones, someone will be along shortly to stab that pregnant meaning (The Lannisters send their regards).

(H/T: The Mary Sue)