‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Coming Up With The Worst Ways To End The Show

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04.05.17 9 Comments

The best scene in Game of Thrones history is obviously Wun Wun punching a horse, but what about the worst? According to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, it’s during the pilot, when the Stark boys, Jon Snow, and Theon “were all shirtless… And if you look closely, you could tell they were all flexing because they’re shirtless. They’re all flexing their abs.” In terms of terribleness, that’s hard to top, but Game of Thrones fans are still trying.

Redditor “shaylw” recently asked, “What’s the worst way they could end the series?” and even gave an appropriately terrible suggestion: “Bran wakes up and we realize that after he fell from the tower, everything we saw was him dreaming?” (It’s a half Jacob’s Ladder — you never go full Jacob’s Ladder.)

That’s pretty bad, but it gets worse.

Ser Davos is reading the entire thing from a book. (Via)

Jon and Dany team up and defeat the white walkers. At the end of the episode they celebrate with all their companions over a feast. The sandsnakes murder everyone at the feast and take the iron throne. They start to hiss together as it fades to black. (Via)

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