‘Game Of Thrones’ Casts What Appears To Be Its Bloodraven

Book readers will appreciate this more than the rest of us Game of Thrones plebeians, because they already know who Bloodraven is, but HBO has apparently cast that pivotal role. Character actor Struan Rodger has been cast. It’s not a big name, but you may recognize him from roles in movies like Stardust, Four Weddings and a Funeral or Kill List.

How do we know it is Bloodraven? Well, we don’t officially, but there are clues.

This may entail spoilers (although, it doesn’t feel spoilerish to me), but if you’re oversensitive to spoilers, you may want to skeedaddle. Anyway, HBO says that Rodgers has been cast as the “Three-Eyed Raven” and will appear in several episodes. However, the Three-Eyed Raven has already been seen as an animal in Bran’s storyline. The assumption, according to Zap2It, is that Rodgers will be playing the human form of the three-eyed Raven, i.e., Lord Brynden Rivers, better known as Bloodraven. He is the sorcerer at the end of Bran’s journey. Zap2It speculated that Bloodraven will likely appear, first in Bran’s visions, and then for real at the end of season four, and spill over into season five.

As I am not a reader of the books, I do not know the real significance of Bloodraven, but in the artist rendering above, he looks cool as hell, and he’s got a great name, so I’m going to assume that this is VERY IMPORTANT CASTING. This is what Struan Rodger looks like, and while I don’t know if it suits the role, he does look like a guy from the Westeros Universe.

(Source: Zap2It. Image Source: Art of Ice and Fire)