‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Jack Gleeson Confesses The Meanest Thing He’s Ever Done


Jack Gleeson, a.k.a Joffrey “Bieber” Baratheon from Games of Thrones, is known for being surprisingly an all around great kid despite the horrible character he portrays, with a good sense of humor and plans to quit acting to seek humanitarian work. So when EW asked Gleeson, in an interview promoting the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, what “the meanest thing he ever did” was — well, it wasn’t sentencing his betrothed’s father to public beheading, that’s for damn sure.

Um, I read my sister’s diary when I was 7. She was, I think, 13. It was awful to read it … I also ruined the end of one of the Harry Potter books for the same sister. I said Sirius dies when she was halfway through.

Well Jack Gleeson, I’ve never read any of the Harry Potters, so you just spoiled it for me too, you dick. OK fine, I have no plans to ever read Harry Potter. But think about that: I’ve probably done meaner things in the past week than Jack Gleeson has ever done in his entire life. On a daily basis, most people are probably more like Joffrey than the actual real life Joffrey is himself. Consider your mind BLOWN.