'Game of Thrones' Mondo Posters and Casting News

Entertainment Weekly is the first to get their glossy little mitts on a series of limited-edition screen-printed Game of Thrones posters which released at Comic-Con this week. The posters, commissioned by HBO, were designed by Martin Ansin, Vania Zouravliov and Daniel Danger (above).

But before we get to the other two posters below, there’s a little casting information circulating around the Internet (via EW). The most interesting is that Mackenzie Crook — who played Gareth in the UK version of The Office — is rumored to take on the role of Vargo “The Goat” Hoat. As a non-book reader, I have no idea who that is, but you can’t find a better person to play a goat — besides Jim Breuer — than Crook. There’s also speculation that British actress, Tara Fitzgerald may play Selyse Florent (Stannis Baratheon’s wife).

A final note on Game of Thrones per THR: Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, recently broke his ankle (not on set). While the injury will prevent him from attending this week’s Comic Con panel, it will not interfere with next seasons Game of Thrones production schedule.

Now, here are those other two Mondo posters.