Two Special Guests Joined George R.R. Martin At His Public ‘Game Of Thrones’ Screening

For weeks now, George R.R. Martin has been hosting public screenings of Game of Thrones at his movie theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico, presumably between monologues about wieners. It’s a fun opportunity for fans to watch their favorite characters die in the same room as the guy who killed them, and there’s even been some special guests. They should probably stay away from the door in Martin’s theater labeled “SECRET DEATH ROOM.”

Redditor TownIdiot25 shared his story:

George has been running every Game of Thrones episode (2-3 episodes a week) at his theatre in Santa Fe.

Maisie said hi to every person in line, individually.

I call this pic “Please no taking pictures with her, she will do a photoshoot later.”

They also brought wolves from a NM sanctuary that George RR Martin has donated a shitload of money to.

My girlfriend with the wolf.

George and Maisie doing a Q&A.

Most importantly:

Only important question that was asked: “What Hogwarts house do you feel you would be in?”

Her response was “Hufflepuff”, because “it is a fun word to say.”

No one asked Martin which house he is. Everyone already knows.

Banner via Getty Image, Via Reddit