Here's The Most Excellent New 'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Trailer From Last Night's NYC Premiere

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03.19.14 24 Comments


Last night HBO and Game of Thrones held their season four New York City premiere and live streamed the whole thing on Facebook. You can watch an hour’s worth of the red carpet here if you have that kind of time and are not prone to freaking out at the sight of your favorite Westerosians (?) in formal wear.

For those of us not lucky enough to rub elbows with awesome people prior to screening episodes weeks before anyone else sees them, the highlight is this kick ass new trailer GOT dropped just after the premiere. I shouldn’t have to sell you on any more than the screengrab above, but of all the new Game of Thrones trailers so far it is certainly the most narrative-intensive. There’s also a lot of debt paying. Because when isn’t there? Update: YouTube embed included below.

Oh man my skin is tingling at that red hot incest. April 6th cannot get here fast enough.

Game of Thrones Facebook via Slash Film

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