‘Game Of Thrones’ Set A New All-Time Piracy Record With Its Latest Episode

Game Of Thrones
broke an all-time piracy record with Sunday’s episode. Kill The Boy reportedly dwarfed a record the series set during it’s season four premiere. 1.86 million pirated that episode in the 24 hours after it premiered, something the latest episode managed smash by Monday morning according to Variety:

The first pirated copies of episode five of the current season of HBO’s popular fantasy epic showed up on file-sharing sites shortly after its initial U.S. broadcast 9-10 p.m. ET Sunday, according to piracy-tracking firm Excipio. The 2.2 million individual Internet addresses tracked by the firm were recorded as of 10 a.m. ET Monday.

This record-setting number comes after HBO changed their screener policies following the leak of this season’s first four episodes, so there’s no knowing if that has anything to do with the larger numbers. It might be a factor, but it was only a matter of time before this show broke out again. It’s got dragons.

Variety also listed the top countries for pirating the show, with the US taking the top spot with over 200,000 downloads at the time they published, followed by Australia, Brazil, India, and the UK.

(Via Variety)