Gary Busey Broke Down 'Farts' On Jimmy Fallon. That's All You Need To Know.

04.30.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

Jimmy Fallon has been doing this thing where the most recently removed guest on Celebrity Apprentice comes on his show. So it was only a matter of time before Gary Busey would be in the guest chair. Tonight was that lucky night. Busey was just as bizarre as you’d imagine hime being, suggesting that Fallon get to hear him twice — once from the monitor behind the teleprompter and once live.

He also brought back his “Buseyisms,” which he described as using the letters in the word to come up with other words to define that one word. Got it? Got it. So the first word he demonstrated?

“Fart.” Which he naturally broke down to “Feeling A Rectal Transmission.” There was also “Fun” which he broke down to “Finally Understanding Nothing.” And that’s exactly how I’d describe the entire segment. Unfortunately, it seemed like they edited the interview down a bit as it looked like it was awkwardly cut. Hopefully a full online version drops because Fallon was losing it.

— Oh, Jay Leno. This is why we can’t take you seriously. First, the good. Ben Kingsley made his first appearance on Leno’s show and was a delight. He really sold Iron Man and told some fantastic stories about his name change and almost becoming a pop star.

— Then, it went to hell as the next guest was naturally Larry The Cable Guy, who leaned over and said he thought Kingley was “that feller from ‘Star Trek.'” To which Kingsley whipped out a barbed wire bat and beat Larry until he denounced America. Or, at least, that’s what I dreamed about while trying to pretend Larry The Cable Guy never existed.

— Aside: Maybe I’m corny, but I’ll just say it: Leno’s “Headlines” feature never gets old. I’m a sucker for it. If he had a show of just that, he’d be way more bearable.

— You ever wonder which celebrities could kill someone and still be liked? Mindy Kaling broke it down for Letterman in a pretty funny exchange. Full interview below.

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