Gasp! TV Stars Sometimes Say Stupid Things About Politics

I don’t want to get too political here, because you guys have a tendency to act civil in the comments when we talk politics, and civility has no place on the Internet. However, a couple of TV stars said dumb things over the weekend, and I think it’s worth noting. First, as I’m sure you’re already aware, last Friday on “Piers Morgan,” Kirk Cameron said something that I personally thought was very backwards and moronic, specifically that he thought homosexuality is “unnatural and destructive.” And people wonder why Kirk Cameron celebrates his birthday alone. What is homosexuality destructive of? The institution of marriage, apparently. He claims the definition of marriage — between a man and a woman — is as old as dirt. You know what else is as old as dirt? Dirt. I have no idea why soil gets a say in the matter, but there you go (video below). Also worth noting: I just found out that Kirk Cameron refuses to take photos alone with women. That’s just plain crazycakes.

It should be noted that Tracey Gold, Kirk Cameron’s sensible, more intelligent sister on “Growing Pains” was quick to note on Twitter that she’s a supporter of the LGBT community. Take that for what it’s worth. No word from Boner Stabbone because he’s hanging out with the dirt (too soon?)

Speaking of Twitter, the other big political controversy over the weekend involved Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke. I won’t get into my feeling on Limbaugh because we’re supposed to avoid the overuse of inappropriate language on this site. Let’s just say that “fat piece of sh*t” doesn’t begin to cover it. At any rate, Andrew-Breitbart (RIP) defender and “The Middle” mom, Patricia Heaton, also wrongly believes that the Sandra Fluke controversy is about taxpayers picking up the tab for birth control. I would like to remind Mrs. Heaton that this is not about taxpayers; it’s about private insurers picking up the bill. The issue is whether the government should compel a private insurer associated with a religious institution to pay for birth control. The taxpayer has no dog in this fight. The taxpayer is hanging out with dirt and Boner Stabbone. I assure you, Mrs. Heaton, that your millions are safe from the likes any 30-year-old law students who enjoy a little of the strange.

Anyway, Patricia Heaton Tweeted a lot of stupid stuff and then quit Twitter, which is typical of celebrities who are embarrassed by their own actions. Someone, however, screenshot Heaton’s Tweets before they were taken down. Here’s a gander.

Here’s Cameron speaking about gay marriage on “Piers Morgan.”

Before you folks leave your comments below, I would also like to note that the language restriction does not apply to comments. Have your fun.