GATTACA! The 15 Best Lines From Last Night’s ‘The League’

Last night’s episode of The League, “The Freeze-Out,” hilariously weaved together three plotlines, Timothy Olyphant as a white Japanese chef, the return of Rafi, and even guest star, Ryan Hansen (DICK CASABLANCAS FOREVER), who was kind of wasted in a throw away role. Not the best episode of The League, and its attempt to work paintball into the plotline didn’t obviously meet the great heights of the Community paintball episode (which all future paintball episodes of any television show will be compared to), but it was fun to see Olyphant in a rare comedic role (his first since appearing and then disappearing on The Office), and it’s always good to see Rafi.

In the A-plot, Ruxin was accused of white-on-white racism, after rejecting a white sushi chef, Wesley-San (Olyphant); the B-plot saw Taco and Pete playing paintball with Rafi — who confused ATTICA! with GATTACA! — while Pete continued to be frustrated by attempts to check his fantasy football scores (why would you play paintball on a Sunday?), and the C-plot saw Kevin and Jenny trying to top years-long Jenny’s record of having sex five times in one day with an old-boyfriend, Ben (Hansen).

Here were the 15 best lines from the episode.