‘Geordie Shore’ Looks Fantastic

04.27.11 8 years ago 25 Comments

Back in January, we learned that MTV UK was casting for a British version of “Jersey Shore” called “Geordie Shore.” Rather than scour England for Guidos, “Geordie Shore” aimed to cast looks-obsessed party animals from the northeast reaches of England around Newcastle. Well, now that we’ve got a teaser for the new show (video below), I can confirm that it looks spectacular. And by “spectacular” I mean the girls are way hotter.

Get ready to let eight lads and lasses take over your TV viewing life. There’s Jay, a party monster who’s out on the pull every night, Gaz who claims his manhood is the size of a TV remote control (ick), Vicky who thinks she’s more of a Newcastle A-lister than Cheryl Cole, feisty Holly who’s very proud of her enhanced assets, Charlotte who swears by the tin-food diet (anything that comes out of a tin is ok by her), Spice boys (see the talking Geordie guide) James and Greg who spend the longest in the house getting preened for nights out, and finally blingtastic Sophie who you’ll probably see dancing on tables – a lot. [heatworld]

It remains to be seen if any of these people have the charm or accidental comedic brilliance of The Situation or Snooki or Pauly D, but having a barely-intelligible Geordie accent is a good start. When you hear Sophie say, “Ah could toke da back levz offa donkey,” you’ll agree. I was like, “What? Someone’s smoking donkey legs?”

“Geordie Shore” has a UK premiere of May 24th.

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