George R.R. Martin Threatens To Create A Bigger Monster Than Walter White In Westeros

After Breaking Bad’s phenomenal “Ozymandias” episode aired on Sunday, George R.R. Martin took to his blog to praise the episode and acknowledge that, in next year’s Emmy awards, Games of Thrones has no shot in hell, up against this season of Breaking Bad.

Martin also acknowledged that Walter White is a worst character than anyone in Game of Thrones, which would include even King Joffrey, Tywin Lannister, and Walder Frey.

“Amazing series. Amazing episode last night. Talk about a gut punch,” he wrote on his blog, before adding: “Walter White is a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros. I need to do something about that.”

With George R.R. Martin that actually comes off as a threat. I’m not sure we can handle a monster as sinister as Walter White in a universe already as dark as Westeros. That’s cruel.

Martin then addressed that Emmy question.

This is the final season of BREAKING BAD. I think GAME OF THRONES may have a shot at upsetting BB for this year’s Emmy (only a shot, though, I think they are the clear favorite), which pits us against their previous season… but there’s no way in hell that anyone is going to defeat BREAKING BAD next year, when their last season is the one in contention.

Admittedly, trying to handicap the Emmys is a mug’s game. You never know. But for what it’s worth, I think this year is our best chance of actually winning one. Given the splash the Red Wedding made, our profile is likely as high as it is ever going to be. We had a great season. If the Academy is ever going to give their ultimate accolade to a fantasy show (something that is by no means certain), it’s going to be this year, I think.”

Ah, but George. You forget, this is the Emmy voters we’re talking about. While Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been awarded Emmys, the series still hasn’t won for Outstanding Drama, losing either to Mad Men or Homeland each year it has been nominated. It would be downright felonious to deprive Breaking Bad of the Emmy next year, but knowing the Emmy voters as well as we do, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see this year’s Best Drama award go to something like Downton Abbey or even a remarkably good season of Mad Men. Keep in mind that The Wire never won for Outstanding Drama. Depriving Breaking Bad would simply continue the Emmys’ marvelous streak of sucking.