George R. R. Martin Went Total Comic Book Guy On Stan Lee And Jack Kirby In A 1963 Letter

Game of Thrones may be a big, mainstream phenomenon now, but let it never be forgotten that the loin-stirring land of Westeros is, more-or-less, the creation of The Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy. The ultimate proof of this has recently surfaced in the form of a colossally condescending, sarcasm-drenched letter George R. Martin (he hadn’t yet added that second “R”) wrote Stan Lee and Jack Kirby regarding the then-latest issue of Fantastic Four. Check out this amazing dickery…

Keep in mind that this letter was written when GRRM was a mere 14 or 15-years-old. I wish I was such an eloquent asshole as a teenager, by gumbo.

Also, the comic in question, Fantastic Four #17, was a classic Doctor Doom tale that’s now worth hundreds of dollars, but then nerds hating everything — then deciding they actually love those things they once hated — is nothing new.

Via io9