George R.R. Martin’s Original Manuscript Squashes A Major Fan Theory Into Nothingness

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When it comes to A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, book and television fans alike are rife with all kinds of theories. They definitely make for some entertaining possibilities — and even more entertaining arguments — but leave it to George R.R. Martin himself to squash one of the most popular ones.

Reddit user _honeybird had the chance to read the answers in Martin’s own handwriting:

I went to the Cushing Library and went through the entire 1600-page original ADWD manuscript. This is what I found. [possible spoilers] (Via Reddit)

The “possible spoilers” were hidden in a few notes scribbled between Martin and his editor, Anne Groell. One in particular concerns the nature of Coldhands, an ominous figure who helps Bran Stark. Many suspect Coldhands is someone else in disguise. Those willing to let Martin spoil it all should click here to read his all-caps, red-inked answer. Otherwise, pretend this conversation never happened.

(Via Reddit)