George R.R. Martin Will Hold Free Screenings Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere A Week Before It Debuts On HBO

Back in December we found out that Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin planned to start holding free screenings of the show in his Santa Fe, New Mexico theater, the Jean Cocteau Cinema. The screenings have started and have featured some notable guests, but I bring them up today not simply to confirm that they are taking place as scheduled. No, we have bigger fish to fry. Like, for example, the fact that Martin plans to screen the Season 4 premiere for free in said theater on March 29 — eight days before it’s set to debut on HBO — for 375 very lucky fans.

I’ll let George explain. From his website:

HBO will broadcast episode one of season 4, entitled… ooops, sorry, don’t think I am allowed to reveal the title yet… on Sunday, April 6.

But on Saturday, March 29, 375 lucky New Mexicans will get a chance to see what the rest of the country will need to wait another week and day for. I am thrilled to announce that on that day, by special arrangement with HBO, we will be presenting three advance screenings of episode 401 at the Jean Cocteau Cinema.

More. Tell me more.

The evening screening is by invitation only. That’s the red carpet screening. And there will be a huge party following at the Sanbusco Center right across the parking lot from the Cocteau. That’s by invitation only too, alas. Sorry.

Dammit, George. Okay, we’re down to 250 open spots in the screenings.

But we wanted to do something for the fans as well. So even before the VIP screening and party, we’ll be showing episode 401 twice that day, for a few lucky members of the general public. There will be one screening in the afternoon, and one that morning. And here’s something cool: the first show, the morning show, will be the Spanish language version of episode 401. New Mexico has a huge Hispanic community, and we wanted to include them as well… so in a sense, the Santa Fe premiere WILL be a world premiere… for Spanish. (The afternoon showing will be English).

So, basically, if you’re bilingual you still have 250 chances to get in, but if you only speak one language, and that language is either Spanish or English, you’re down to 125 open spots left. Jesus, this is getting serious. TELL US HOW TO GET THOSE TICKETS.