Everybody Can Calm Down, George R.R. Martin Does Indeed Still Watch ‘Game Of Thrones’

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08.24.17 4 Comments

Getty Image / HBO

The internet was surprised to learn earlier this week that George R.R. Martin didn’t have any time to watch Game Of Thrones these days. An interview with the author in Metro seemed to indicate that his busy touring and writing schedule kept him away from the television series, or so it seemed. Entertainment Weekly reached out for clarification on the interview and his comments, just to see if they were true. It’s quite reasonable to think that someone like Martin would not have time to watch a television show, even if it is based on his creation, but we’re dealing with a pop culture force here. People want to know why their favorite author isn’t dropping everything to watch his show and comment alongside them.

So Entertainment Weekly shot Martin an email and he responded with some reassuring words for fans:

Martin told EW via email he can’t recall saying he doesn’t watch the acclaimed HBO drama series and notes that perhaps something was mangled during translation. During his trip abroad he didn’t watch any television — and he’s behind on Thrones‘ current seventh season. So perhaps that was a source of confusion. But Martin does watch the series.

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