A Guide To Which George R.R. Martin Accounts On Twitter Are Real

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Crystal Pepsi. Waterworld. The name “Jaden.”

History is littered with terrible ideas. But they’re all what-if-we-blast-cold-air-in-our-homes level brilliant compared to parody Twitter accounts. They’re horrible, even by low, low, low, low, low, low internet standards. And being retweeted by the hundreds of thousands today, too, because last night was the Game of Thrones season finale, and whenever Game of Thrones is in the news, fake George R.R. Martin accounts all make the same joke over and over again.

Hell, even we’ve been fooled by them. Enough is enough. Here’s a simple guide on which one(s) to believe, and which ones to lock in a proverbial dungeon like Dany’s dragons.



I’m surprised the Sharknado George is bogus, too.

But remember, it’s like Jaqen always says, “A girl always looks for a blue checkmark.”