UPROXX 20: Georgia King Will Have Another Shot Of Tequila, Please

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Georgia King is an actress perhaps best known for portraying Goldie in Ryan Murphy’s sadly short-lived The New Normal. The Scottish actress currently co-stars alongside Danny McBride and Walton Goggins in HBO’s Vice Principals, which premieres on Sunday, July 17.

Georgia was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

1. You walk into a bar. What do you order from the bartender?

Since working on Vice Principals: TEQUILA. All the way.

2. Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram?

I really love following Nat Geo on Instagram. They post really cool, unusual photographs that give perspective and get the mind moving. I really like the stories they include!

3. What’s currently waiting for you on your DVR?

I don’t have cable, BUT I just got HBO Now and cannot wait to watch The Night Of. I’ve also finally started watching Silicon Valley. Real funny!

4. It’s your last meal — what are you going out with?

Everything on the menu at 167 Raw restaurant in Charleston, please! It’s a small seafood restaurant that was our favorite spot during Vice Principals shoot. The best oysters and crab claws I’ve ever had.

5. What websites do you visit on a regular basis?

I visit The Guardian every day if I can. I just finished doing a play, The City of Conversation, here in LA, and it was about politics and it was a good wake up call to keep connected and up to date with what is happening in the world!

6. What’s the most frequently played song on your mobile device?

That’s a tough question! I love buying music and so I end up listening to new stuff all the time…But… it’s probably “Inch of Dust” by Future Islands. That hits a chord for me.

7. If you could go back and give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t try and be what you think someone else wants you to be. You’ll never figure it out, you’ll never feel comfortable and everyone is looking for something different in an actor anyway! You’re better off figuring yourself out and working on that.

8. What’s the last thing you Googled?

Country Music. I’m doing research for a script I’m writing!

9. Dogs or cats?

Dogs. I have a mini golden doodle called Rita. She’s a living cartoon.

10. Best concert of your life was…?

When I was young, I think 13, my big sister and I got a train to a city called Bristol to see Rahzel Beatbox. I think that was my first concert and I was an uncomfortable, uncool teenager, but I remember feeling like such a rebel. It was a blast!

11. What book are you most likely to give as a gift?

The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. It’s a trip!

12. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

My parents’ tireless support and ability to make me laugh. They’re hysterical and awesome.

13. South Park or Family Guy?

South Park.

14. You have an entire day to do whatever you want. What would you do?

Make a flask of coffee, pack some warm clothes, and bundle my dog and a friend in my car and go on an adventure! I did my first road trip through America last year and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

15. What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on?

Waiting for Guffman.

16. The sports team or teams you’re most passionate about?

I’m a big fan of Wimbledon. It’s entirely associated with summer in England for me, I love it. I know that’s not a TEAM, but.. it’s a sport?

17. Where did you eat the best meal of your life?

Charleston, South Carolina last year. It was seven months of the best food of my life. The Ordinary serves a ‘triple tower’ which requires multiple waiters who carry it all to your table. You can’t see anyone you’re sat with when it’s put down. Insane and delicious!

18. The last movie you saw in a theater?

Swiss Army Man. I loved it! Felt like my mind had been tickled for 90 minutes. Daniels are clever guys.

19. Who was your first celebrity crush?

I think someone from a UK football team, or someone from The O.C.

20. What would you cook if Nic Cage was coming to your house for dinner?

Geez. I think he’d want meat? I’d grill a lot of meat for him. (Says the vegetarian.)