Geraldo Rivera Is the Worst

We’re a TV blog, which means we’re supposed to TV things, particularly when it involves someone on TV saying something epically idiotic. That happened earlier today when Geraldo Rivera, who’s been an American punch line for over 20 years now, thanks to not finding anything in Al Capone’s vault (and being a generally awful person), had the following to say about the recent murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin on “Fox & Friends”: “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.” THAT’S RAYCESS.

It’s sad that the scandal over what Rivera said is likely going to overshadow the tragedy of Martin’s slaying. But today’s a gorgeous Friday, National Puppy Day at that, and I just can’t, nay, WON’T get angry about what that Big Mouth Billy Bass look-alike with the mustache said when the whole Martin case is already sooo frustrating and unfair. So I’ll let Tom Haverford and Patton Oswalt sum up my feelings instead:

Fu*k you, indeed. (Via)