Geraldo Rivera Flat-Out Told Mike Huckabee To Apologize For His Holocaust Comments

When Jon Stewart finds himself speechless, the topic at hand must be truly baffling. That’s the perfect way to describe GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s comments about how the Iran nuclear agreement would “take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

Other media figures did find their voices, and Fox News displayed an enormous amount of disgust for Huckabee’s remarks. The guy may have topped Donald Trump’s “Trumpness” in making offensive statements, if only for the day. On The Five, Geraldo Rivera passionately urged Huckabee, “I’m begging you to apologize” for the Holocaust comments:

“Governor, the point is you went a step — I love you. You would be a great president. You have the temperance. You have the experience. But as a Jew — I have to tell you with people who work in the Anti-Defamation League and relatives on both sides, it was inappropriate.

“There are some places you cannot go. You cannot compare the slaughter of 6 million Jews to anything other than maybe the slaughter of the Armenians or something else in history. You compare it to a negotiation over a deal like this, governor.

There are some thing — you have offended many people in the Jewish community, not only the organized Jewish community, but the rank & file. It’s inappropriate to compare the holocaust to anything. If you start using that as a sloppily rhetorical phrase, you’re going to get in trouble.”

Huckabee stuck to his position, saying he’s visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington several times. Huckabee says the lesson isn’t (as Geraldo says) “never forget,” but instead, “never repeat it again.” This is Huckabee’s explanation for poorly-phrased analogies. No matter how Huckabee feels about the Iran nuclear deal, Holocaust comparisons just don’t fly.

(Via Mediaite and CNN)