Gerard Depardieu May Star In Netflix’s French Version Of ‘House Of Cards’

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Gerard Depardieu is currently in talks to star in Netflix’s first French-language production, Marseille. According to Variety, the actor will play a similar role to that of Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood from House of Cards:

Though it’s not based strictly on “House of Cards,” the project has a similar political theme, centering on Robert Taro, mayor of the Southern French city for 25 years. The upcoming elections have him face the man he chose as his successor, an ambitious youngster aiming high. Both candidates will fight mercilessly.

Marseille was created by Carlos screenwriter Dan Franck and will contain eight episodes in the series. No word yet on whether Depardieu will cut down on the 14 bottles of wine he drinks a day.

In actor terms, let’s just call that “his motivation.”

(Via Variety)