Get Caught Up For Season Two Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ With This One Take 7 Minute Video

YOU GUYS. The Season Two premiere of Orange is the New Black is nearly upon us. All 13 episodes of Season Two are coming to Netflix June 6th, just a week from tomorrow. So, if you’re not caught up on Season One yet, well, you’ve got your homework assignment for this weekend. But if you’ve already watched the first season and just want a refresher going into the second, then check out this video by the always enjoyable Fine Brothers, who sum up the entire season in just seven minutes, in one impressive take.

Ahhhhhh! Now I’m more excited than ever. For the new season, I mean — not my husband’s anticipated incessant b*tching as I watch it. OH, GO WATCH YOUR WRESTLING, FOR F*CK’S SAKE.