Local News Segment On Ghost Hunters Veers Cluelessly Into Video Game Trolling

A local news station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, conducted an interview with Jim Pace and other ghost hunters. What happens at two and a half minutes into the video below is a triumph. We’re making a note here. HUGE SUCCESS.

2NEWS did this segment about SPOOK (Sooner Paranormal of Oklahoma), and yes that is their actual name and yes they use Comic Sans on their website. (There’s the truly scary part.)

They claim the basement of a building is haunted, and their evidence includes a reference to the video game Portal mysteriously written on a chalkboard, which neither the ghost hunters nor the reporters seem to recognize or, you know, type the phrase into Google and see what happens.

Those are some recently-deceased ghosts right there. It reminds us of the Aziz Ansari bit (first video here) where he talks about modern era ghosts asking for wi-fi passwords.

Assume the party escort submission position and check out the video.

(H/T: RoxyPox)