Gillian Anderson Plays F*ck, Marry, Kill With Your Favorite Pop Culture Aliens

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The X-Files returns Monday with its first “Monster of the Week” episode of the revival, “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” which is said to be better than the shaky first two episodes. Keeping in theme with the “wacky” aspect of tonight’s episode, E! Online recently spent some time on the X-Files set in Vancouver, where they engaged the good-humored Gillian Anderson in a game of “F*ck, Marry, Kill,” only with famous aliens.

You can read more here, but here are just a few of her picks:

The Doctor from Doctor Who (anyone, your pick), Chewbacca and Supergirl.
I’m marrying Chewbacca definitely. I’m sorry, but he is my favorite. Marry Chewbacca…See, I always loved the original Doctor with the curly hair and the scarf. Okay, I’d f*ck him, marry Chewbacca [Laughs.] and kill—sorry, don’t want to kill a sister, but killing the sister [Supergirl].

Mork, Princess Leia and any one of the Coneheads, your pick.
Oh, Jesus. I’d probably have to kill Mork—I think I’d have to. I don’t know about screwing a Conehead, I may have to screw Carrie [Fisher] and what was the other? Marry a Conehead? Oh gosh, that’s hard. That would be so annoying!

You can kill one of the Coneheads.
But then I’d have to marry Mork! Okay, I’ll marry Mork and kill a Conehead. Can I marry a Conehead and use the Conehead to kill Mork and just subsequently he dies, too? [Laughs.] And then I screw Princess Leia? [Laughs.]

Ouch, she would kill Mork? Too soon, Gillian Anderson! Too soon! I guess she makes up for it with the suggestion of Dana Scully screwing Princess Leia, which probably just now set off a brand new sub-genre of fan fiction.

Here’s a look at tonight’s “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”:

(Via E! Online)

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