Alexis Bledel Gives Her Honest Thoughts About Each Of Rory’s Boyfriends On ‘Gilmore Girls’

Now that the Gilmore Girls revival is just over a week away, the greatest argument of our time is back in gear in a big way: Which of Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends are the best? Or, as some may frame it, which one was the worst of the series? This is only including the primary trio of course, because unfortunately for Marty even an instance of passing out naked in the hallway wasn’t enough to bump him up in the Rory love rankings (poor Marty).

Before Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life premieres, Alexis Bledel was asked by Entertainment Weekly how she feels about each of the main guys in Rory’s dating history. Each boyfriend has their upsides and downsides depending on what viewers might prefer, but there can only be one in the end — and it looks like that’s where the show is heading as one endgame of the revival. Bledel gave Dean a little too much credit in her answer, saying

“The first one I guess is like her first love, so she’s sort of swept away and it’s very impactful for her. I mean she kind of has a long road to get over that one.”

The thing is, nobody should need that long to get over eating vanilla ice cream for the first time. Jess was a little spicier, and is many people’s favorite (even Dean AKA Jared Padalecki, who is firmly on Team Jess) even though he did nothing but cause trouble while in Stars Hollow. Bledel agreed,

“Jess kind of is like a shock to the system. It’s like a complete 180 from where she was so she’s trying to discover another side of her personality and be challenged more intellectually, have fun kind of in a different, more grown-up way.”

But what of Logan? The rich, entitled, but ultimately endearing and well-meaning final major boyfriend of Rory’s? His marriage proposal was turned down even though the pair seemed like a great fit together for the long run. Bledel has some theories about that duo, including why Rory liked him but also why she might have decided against settling down with the Huntzberger family fortune in her bank account.

“Logan, to me, always seemed like it’s her version of someone, like what she thinks her dad was like. His life is more like what Lorelai and Christopher, like their relationship, maybe this would’ve been what their life would have been like if they had stayed together.”

Now that Rory herself has given her two cents about each of the prominent men in Rory’s orbit, does it change your own opinion of them? Should it be Dean returning to her side at the end after all? Or was Jess’ novel actually good enough to earn the youngest Gilmore Girl’s affections all over again, leather jacket and all? Fans will have to find out next week when the revival finally airs, but until then let the spirited back-and-forth about the best man continue apace.

(via Entertainment Weekly)