‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival Wraps With A Farewell Photo From Lauren Graham And Scott Patterson

The Gilmore Girls revival has officially wrapped production, which means that we’re on track to see those four 90-minute wrap-up movies before 2016 is over! Back in April, Netflix released photos from the set, showing that Rory has become an English teacher (maybe she was a victim of today’s volatile journalism industry), Rory at Grandma Emily’s house, the Gilmore Girls wearing crazy clothes while talking to some crazy townspeople, and of course, the popular town meetings.

And now, according to Entertainment Weekly, the revival has wrapped production, with Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, posting a photo with Lauren Graham to celebrate.

There aren’t much hints to glean about the wrap-up season from this shot. Nobody’s wearing wedding attire, for instance. For all we know, Graham and Patterson took this after shooting a fighting scene between the couple.

But that’s okay, because this definitely means that Gilmore Girls is coming back soon, with a Lorelei and Luke that look like they haven’t aged in the almost ten years since the original series went off the air. Now the show will end as it should have ended in the first place, with them and Amy Sherman-Palladino’s final four words.

(via Entertainment Weekly)