‘Girl Meets World’ Is Either Canceled Or Not Canceled (Depending On Rider Strong’s Intel)

Is it time for Girl Meets World to have A Very Special Episode exploring the dangers on cancellation talk? Depending on who you ask, the Boy Meets World small screen sequel is either dead after its third season or Rider Strong has been gravely misinformed.

Eyebrows were understandably raised when Strong suggested the show reached “done” status at the end of season 3. He made the mention on his podcast Literary Disco.

“We finished the third season of Girl Meets World,” said the strongest Rider in the game. “My brother and I were directing a lot of episodes and I acted in a couple. And the show ended.”

According to the writers of Girl Meets World, Strong saying “the show ended” isn’t the complete story. Bring on the Twitter rebuttal! Weird Shawn Hunter comparison ahoy!

“As much as I love Shawn Hunter, having created his character and everything, you have to remember that he was wrong a lot,” read the response from the GMW writers. “There is no official word as yet. Disney decision on season 4 coming soon. Officially, season 3 ends with 3 wonderful episodes in January.”

This isn’t exactly the most comforting news for Girl Meets World fans. Cancellation limbo sucks, although we suppose it beats the alternative.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)