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Monday night’s much talked about lesbian kiss on “Heroes” did little to help its ratings, as the NBC drama sputtered to another last-place finish for its time slot. From TV Guide:

Hayden Panettiere and Madeline Zima’s same-sex lip-lock might have titillated fanboys, but the buzzed-about kiss did not draw in many new Heroes viewers.

The NBC superhero drama pulled in 5.6 million viewers, staying flat from last week and finishing fourth in the 8/7c timeslot behind Dancing with the Stars (16.1 million viewers), House (12.1 million viewers) and a How I Met Your Mother-Accidentally on Purpose combo (8.6 million and 7.8 million viewers, respectively).

You may have noticed that the banner image is Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz getting it on in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, not the weak-ass “Heroes” kiss. THAT is how you get ratings with lesbianism, people. In fact, Scarlett and Penelope making out should be a  daily TV show. You’d break ratings records. It could only be 30 minutes, though — any longer and people’s eyes would dry out from not blinking.

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