Things Got Creepy When A Reporter Asked To See The Famous Third Boob

As soon as the story of the Tampa resident with three boobs went viral, a local news team hopped into action, realizing that something this weird wouldn’t happen in Florida again until, what, lunch time? 10 News caught up with Jasmine Tridevil, and naturally, they wanted to see her $20,000 second-level addition. She briefly flashed the camera, sort of, but the reporter conducting the interview asked that she keep her shirt up longer, because JOURNALISM. She said no.

When asked her why we couldn’t have a longer look Tridevil responded, “I’m not ready to do that right now because it’s in episode six of my show.” (Via)

For the season finale, she’s planning to get NINE BOOBS, one for each woman named after a fruit she knows. There’s Cherries and Papaya and Cantaloupe and…