Fan Reactions To The ‘Girls’ Finale Are All Over The Place

Tonight the final episode of Girls was broadcast by HBO, and while some fans were happy to see Hannah go off into the sunset with her little son and giant house, others weren’t having it. In other words, it’s one last typical Sunday for Girls. The world of social media took to their devices to plop in the #GirlsHBO hashtag for some healthy discussion mixed with some annoying absolutes.

Reactions to the finale ranged from the bitter to the straight up angry. There were even some loyal fans dismissing the series after six years and 62 episodes. Of course, some were accepting of the arc Hannah took through her life on the show, and many seemed to be trolling because that’s just what happens when the internet and Lena Dunham’s art mixes. It’s practically unavoidable.

Emotions were varied, but that’s probably the point. Girls was always an uncomfortably honest show, so having it end like it did, as a bookend but also without a happy happy joy joy moment, is appropriate coming from the people behind the series.

Now, the Internet’s wide-ranging reactions to the Girls finale, starting harsh and ending progressing into warmer, happier notes of acceptance.

But the most important question was even asked by our Alan Sepinwall — what kind of incoming professor job gets full benefits and a salary that pays for a house like that?