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How in God’s name “The Girls Next Door” lasted this long — and became a hit amongst women viewers, at that — is anyone’s guess, and E! is now milking Kendra’s “tearful goodbye” on this coming Sunday’s finale for everything it’s worth, as if we haven’t known that she’s been dating/engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett for the last five months.  Like, there’s actually a scene where Kendra goes to Hef and says gravely, “I’ve met someone else.”  YES WE KNOW.  Everyone knows!  We learned months ago that you’re with that guy and Holly’s dating Criss Angel and Bridget’s getting sent to the porn slurry factory.

It just blows my mind, man.  People tune in to watch staged conversations between real people in fake relationships so that they can gain hints of information about stories that they already got the complete details to months prior.  Ah, great.  I got myself worked up and now I’m bleeding out my nose and ears. Again.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: Kendra and Hank want Snoop Dogg to be their wedding singer.  Also: every second of “Dogg After Dark” is still unwatchable.

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