Give This Man a Promotion.

Last week, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian appeared on “Good Day” in Philadelphia to promote their Sears fashion line, and after the interview, host Mike Jerrick mocked their stupid shoulder pads and airy, nasal voices (which sound more like the “SNL” spoof of them than I ever realized). It was awesome.

But now Jerrick faces the impending wrath of the notoriously sharp-tongued Kardashians, who rose to national prominence for their intellect and searing wit. Or tits and ass and sex tape. Same diff.

TMZ will have reaction tonight from Kim Kardashian after our Good Day show made some fun of the reality TV family…

The video has done viral and has been picked up by more than 50 web sites, including the Daily Mail and The Sun in Britain. The host of “The Soup,” Joel McHale’s also featured the video last week, as has TMZ’s TV show. [MyFoxPhilly]

This story dovetails nicely with Daniel Fienberg’s epic takedown of “H8R” on the CW, in that reality TV dipsh*ts exist for us to mock them. Hey, if you want people to respect you, go to college and work hard at a real job. If you want to be famous without having any real skill besides screwing on camera or getting drunk or manufacturing drama on reality TV, then pack an umbrella. Because I am gonna rain hate on you until the day I die.