‘Glee’ Sucks at Math

One of my favorite pastimes is making fun of “Glee,” so of course this screencap from Reddit makes for good fodder. Hey Mr. Schuester, go back to teaching jazz hands! Thankfully, humorless commenter begedinnikola was able to provide context:

He just wrote what he was speaking. It’s not a math/problem, equation.

Um, that’s not a grammar/sentence, punctuation.

If you actually listened to what he was saying instead of just looking for something to bash, you would know math wasn’t a problem there. It was clearly stated that they need to 5000$ and that they need to sell 20000 candies at .25$ each to make that.

Oh, so “20,000 x .25 = 5000.” I’m sure it would have been impossible to write that on the board without overhauling the script and the scene’s blocking. My bad, “Glee” fans. Sorry for making fun of your show.
Anyway, let’s go ahead and have some fun with Mr. Schuester in front of the whiteboard. Use the blank board here to make your own.

Always a good guess.
Mr. Schuester teaches Orwell. That, or New Directions is going to cover Radiohead.
This one’s important to remember when you’ve got hot-ass teenage girls in your class.
Don’t do it, you fool! You’ll kill us all!
A loving rendition of Kurt and his gay bully.
I would definitely get an A in this class.