Glen Morgan And James Wong Are Returning To Write New Episodes Of ‘The X-Files’

So, The X-Files is coming back for a six-episode stint, and most of the show’s main characters are set to return, but what about the writers? The real strength of The X-Files was always the show’s writing, so it would be nice to hear a few writers from back in the day have been locked down.

Well, good news! Fox has reportedly signed a deal with Glen Morgan and James Wong, who wrote some of the best, scariest episodes during the show’s earlier seasons, including “Beyond the Sea,” “Squeeze” and, of course, the infamous inbred hillbilly-fest, “Home.” The duo would later become executive producers/showrunners for the cult-classic series Millennium. Over the past 15 years, Morgan and Wong have had a semi-successful film career; they created the Final Destination series and worked on the well-liked remake of Willard. Most recently, James Wong has been writing some episodes of American Horror Story, so he’s been keeping his TV horror game sharp.

Word is that Morgan and Wong will write one episode each, and Morgan will be co-executive producer of the show along with Chris Carter. What do you think, X-Files fans? Excited to Morgan and Wong returning? What other writers would you like to see back? I seem to recall this guy named Vince Gilligan used to write some pretty good quirky episodes during the later seasons.

via Blastr