Glenn Beck Brandished A Rifle During An Interview With Bill O’Reilly Last Night

11.26.13 33 Comments

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Last night, on the Bill O’Reilly program that airs on the Fox News channel, popular AM radio show host Glenn Beck was on as a guest to promote his new book, Miracles and Massacres. Shortly after praising Malcolm Gladwell and warning of the coming Obamacare death panels, Mr. Beck altered course and pontificated on the sins America and its historical icons committed long ago, including the brutal mistreatment of American Indians. For added emphasis, presumably, Mr. Beck brought props.

“This is an original, this is one of only seven guns that was taken, this was taken from Sitting Eagle, at the Wounded Knee battle,” Beck told Bill O’Reilly as he held the firearm up for the cameras. “When you really see what happened there and — this was buried. This was absolutely buried and our own military, they lied in court. Then we tried to cover it up by giving everybody medals there…It really needs to be exposed so we can say, look these things were bad, now let’s learn from them.”

It should be noted that Mr. Beck is a controversial figure who has developed a reputation for leaving people who actually listen to him utterly baffled and confused.

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