Gob Bluth Quotes For When You’re The Black Sheep In The Family

Features Writer

In almost every family, there is one member who doesn’t quite measure up. Whether it’s by way of bad decisions or just bad luck, every family has a loser, and on Arrested Development, that loser was Gob. You could probably make an argument for every single Bluth child being the family disappointment, but no one was a more consistent failure than Gob. Whether he was attempting to be a magician, a gentleman honey farmer, or the head of The Bluth Company, Gob could do no right.

If you too are the family disappointment…. uh… don’t be like Gob. However, if you must embrace your inner idiot, do it with the same gusto as the oldest Bluth child.

Never marry someone on a dare, never look up the definition of “hermano,” and always double check the return policy on doves. Let’s revisit some of Gob’s least self-aware moments so you can either learn to avoid them or embrace your inner guy in the $2,000 suit (come on!).

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