Hulu Owns A Chunk Of Your 2017 Viewing Schedule By Picking Up ‘The Golden Girls’ To Binge On

The comic wisdom of Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose will always be timeless well, until the cyborg wars begin and 2017 could certainly benefit from the quartet’s insight. HELP US, STREAMING CONTENT PROVIDERS!

Entertainment Weekly reports that Hulu has snapped up the classic sitcom The Golden Girls with February 13 earmarked as the date of their arrival. A TV show popping up on a streaming service isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, but this is a landmark moment in the program’s binge status. This is the first time all the episodes are available to stream in one place and that means you can irritate friends by DEMANDING they watch the episode where Quentin Tarantino was an Elvis impersonator as you spill bagged wine everywhere. Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, and Betty White would approve of you and your loved ones taking a week off work to soak in all the episodes.

*puts on obnoxious internet writing goober blazer*

The Golden Girls sometimes gets overshadowed by its status as a neato pop culture entity, but the program is still relevant today. (More relevant than Empty Nest? That’s for your god to decide!) The series offered up an important voice in addressing issues like gay rights, elder care, assisted suicide, harassment, homelessness and HIV on television. Look! You’re already having a think about friendship and singing the theme tune. The complete series appears on Hulu next month.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)