This ‘Golden Girls’ Mashup From Jimmy Kimmel Would Make The Perfect Sequel To HBO’s ‘Girls’

With only two new episodes left, HBO’s Girls is about to draw to a close, and yet there are so many questions left to answer. Will Hannah and Jessa ever repair their friendship? Will Marnie finally take real steps to take some accountability for her life or will she just continue to find ways to blame others for her problems? Will Shoshanna… I don’t know, have a meaningful storyline before the whole thing is over?

We now may no longer have to wonder the answers to those questions, thanks to this Golden Girls-themed spoof from Jimmy Kimmel which picks back up with the gang 50 years in the future. Nor surprisingly, Hannah is still a clothing-indifferent slob, Jessa is still putting the “fun” in dysfunctional, Marnie is as self-involved as ever, and Shosh — accessorized by the most perfect, twee, bedazzled walker — is, well… just as fed up with these crazy-ass women as ever.

Of course, there’s also Elijah who has failed to age at all thanks to a dedicated regimen of Oil of Olay and boxed wine, while the other four ladies look not unlike the early stage zombies on The Walking Dead. And in a cameo from Kimmel himself, we even got to find out what happened to Hannah’s poor baby with Paul-Louis, “Hampton” — I’m sorry, “Officer Sausage.”