No longer will Criss Chros spill his paperclips all over Liz Lemon’s face out of wedlock.

Fans of 30 Rock might have reasonably assumed that Lemon, the harried TV producer played by Tina Fey, would ride out the series’ seventh and final season as a perennial bachelorette unlucky in love. But Fey, who is also the creator and producer of the NBC comedy, clearly thought otherwise.

In the 30 Rock episode airing Nov. 29, Lemon will wed [James Marsden’s Criss Chros]. (Via)

Oh god, I hope no one snags the tampons on the gift registry before me. Dennis Duffy and Dr. Drew Baird and Floyd DeBarber and Wesley Snipes and Steven Black and Carol Burnett and Gretchen Thomas and Astronaut Mike Dexter and Jamie and Conan O’Brien and Grizz and Danny Baker and Gavin Volure and Stewart LaGrange and James Franco (and therefore, Kimiko) are all going to be SO jealous. Man, Liz has sure dated a lot of people — some might even say she’s a “whore.” Which is a word you’d never never use for a man. God, I hope someone writes a TV show spoofing society’s dumb gender double standards. Starring a fart doctor.