Good Morning. Here Are Nine Clips From The Upcoming Season Of ‘Archer’!

The fourth season of Archer debuts Thursday, January 17, which many noted and influential members of the television industry (me) are declaring to be “NOT SOON ENOUGH” before throwing ornate vases at the wall in a fit of impotent rage. But luckily, for both my psyche and my ornate vase collection, the good folks at FX went ahead and released a whole crapload of promo videos from the upcoming season. They’re not quite the fix a whole new episode would be, but at the very least they’re a quick hit of methadone to get us all through the next few weeks until the convulsions and nausea pass.

Anyway, I’ve posted all the clips below. Which one is your favorite? My favorite is ALL OF THEM.

Thanks to my new favorite commenter, Lobster Mobster, for the tip