Good Morning. Here Is A Picture Of Tiffani Thiessen And Al Roker Holding A Giant Snake

02.05.13 18 Comments

Most mornings are a struggle. The alarm goes off and pulls you kicking and screaming from Dreamland into the harsh white lights of the real world. The shower blasts you with icy cold water for a few seconds before warming up. You can’t find matching socks because you forgot to do laundry the night before, leaving you hoping that no one notices the subtle difference between black and deep navy blue. You scarf down a bowl of stale cereal and rush out the door, then you stumble to the corner just in time to see the bus fly by. By the time you make it to work, you’re 10 minutes late, soaked with rain, and your boss is waiting for you in your office.

But every now and then — once in a long, long while — things are different. The sun peaks in gently through the window, warming the side of your face as you enjoy the last few moments of a pleasant dream. Birds chirp. You wake up a few minutes before your alarm, fully refreshed after a deep slumber, and bound out of bed. Someone is already making eggs and bacon, and the smell wafts from the kitchen, through the hall, and into your nostrils. You get dressed, look in the mirror, smile, and head out the door. You look good. You feel good. Things are gonna be all right.

Here is a picture of Tiffani Thiessen and Al Roker holding a huge f-cking snake on Today this morning. Have a great day, everyone.

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