Good News: Fox Axed ‘Dads.’ Bad News: ‘Enlisted’ And ‘Surviving Jack,’ Too.

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05.07.14 72 Comments


Proving once again that TV is a cruel and heartless bitch, Fox has apparently decided to take things in a different direction with its sitcoms, as the network canceled all of its freshman comedies that didn’t win a Golden Globe. That means that Enlisted, Surviving Jack and even Dads, which came to us from Fox Golden Boy Seth MacFarlane and seemed to have a protective shell despite being awful, will end after this season, if Fox even bothers airing the rest of the episodes at all. Only Brooklyn Nine-Nine came out of this unscathed, but it would have been pretty bizarre for a network to cancel the show that just won Best Television Series – Music or Comedy at the Golden Globes. At least that seems like more of an NBC-type move.

I was actually able to get this exclusive response from an executive at Fox about these cancellations.

Middle finger revolving


Obviously, Enlisted was screwed from Day One with its Friday night time slot, since nobody watches TV on Friday nights anymore, and if they say they do, they are lying. It wasn’t the best show right off the bat, but once the characters and plot developed some, it began to pick up steam as a cult hit. Surviving Jack deserved way better as well, and I say that not as someone who likes the show’s creator, Justin Halpern, but as someone who really believes that Christopher Meloni is a f*cking comedy goldmine. Seriously, I might watch Wet Hot American Summer tonight and sob in between hysterical laughter.

Fox will still have three new comedies debuting next season: the Will Forte series Last Man on Earth, something called Weird Loners, and the John Mulaney vehicle Mulaney, which already received an order for 10 more episodes. I guess that’s good, but Mulaney should at least add Meloni. Think of the wacky name play!

*receives note that this terrible joke has received a full season order, starring Josh Gad*

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