Josh Charles Tells Letterman The Behind The Scenes Details Of His Shocking Exit From ‘The Good Wife’

Josh Charles stopped by The Late Show a night after his shocking final episode of The Good Wife and revealed exactly how they managed to keep his departure a secret for over a year. It certainly smells like PR fluff, but you have to give credit to CBS for thinking ahead and using it all to their advantage.

They released their letter to fans shortly after the show, created online buzz and now had Charles appear on their flagship late night program. It’s good work.

What isn’t good are Charles’ prospects now that he’s off the show. Sure, The Good Wife could flounder and die next season. But how many times can you pick out success when a major star leaves a show for greener pastures? It didn’t work for McLean Stevenson on MASH, Shelley Long didn’t shoot into the stars after Cheers, and Anthony Edwards is pining for a Revenge of The Nerds sequel.

(Via The Late Show)