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In the upcoming Season 6 premiere of Hell’s Kitchen, host Gordon Ramsay does his usual act of being a profane dickhead, and one contestant — a former Marine — gets up in his face and offers to take him outside and beat his ass.

Contestant Joseph conflicts with the shouty chef from the outset, refusing to eat an undercooked vegetable without a fork (“I’m not an animal”) and grimacing at the prospect of a luxurious seaside reward lunch (“This isn’t what I’m here for”). But after performing as one of the best players on the men’s team, Joseph wigs when Ramsay makes his usual simple request to name two of his teammates for elimination. Contestants have stood up to Ramsay’s bullying before, but not like this. [The Live Feed]

Of course, Ramsay bitched out.  He’s a big tough TV guy crossing his arms and swearing at everyone and treating people like crap, but his authority comes from the cameras and people’s fear.  Anyone who’s survived Marine boot camp thinks that Gordon Ramsay couldn’t berate someone out of a paper bag.  We cornered the market on profane dickheads, buddy.  Marine drill instructors have taken yelling and swearing to a linguistic plane beyond the English language.  Some British twat isn’t going to intimidate us.  THESE COLORS DON’T RUN, BABY!  **puts 9/11 sticker on V-12 Ford F350**

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