The Season 5 Finale Is Now The Most-Watched Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ever

Game of Thrones is breaking records left and right, black and white, dead and not dead.

We already told you that Sunday’s season finale was downloaded an unprecedented 1.5 million times in eight hours, but that hasn’t hurt ratings. In fact, “Mother’s Mercy” is now the highest rated episode in Game of Thrones history, with 8.1 million viewers tuning in to see whether Stannis got what’s coming to him (he did!).

That trumps the Season 5 premiere’s then-record breaking 8 million viewers. It’s also up 1 million viewers versus the Season 4 finale (7.1 million). (Via TVLine)

Every time someone on Twitter screams that they’re “DONE WITH DISGUSTING GAME OF THRONES THINK PIECE THINK PIECE THINK PIECE,” two more viewers tune in.

(Via TVLine and Variety)