‘Gotham’ Releases The First Video Of Resurrected Proto-Joker Jerome

Potential spoilers ahead.

Gotham season three is returning for mid-season premiere “Mad City: Ghosts” tonight, with two more episodes airing on the proceeding Mondays before the show goes back on hiatus until April 24th. And — as we’ve already learned — someone who seems an awful lot like the Joker is returning (for at least three episodes) as well.

We already saw some of Jerome Valeska’s new look when actor Cameron Monaghan posted makeup test pictures, but now we can see the final version of the resurrected Jerome in the promo video above and screencap below (in case the video gets pulled). And they are laying the Joker references on thick:

So how is he back from the dead? In tonight’s episode, Gordon will uncover a cult built around Jerome, and its leader is planning to reanimate Jerome’s corpse, because this show is bonkers. In addition, that leader is played by David Dastmalchian, who also played a schizophrenic henchman of the Joker in The Dark Knight. So meta.

But surely Jerome will be in good spirits when he rises from the grave, right?

According to executive producer John Stephens, [Jerome will] also be even more unhinged: “Someone who has basically gone through death and come back to life has a very different point of view. It’s odd to say he’s more psychotic than he was before.” [Via]

They should have given him the pony he asked for.

Gotham and Jerome return tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

(Via MFTV and Screen Rant)