Let’s Talk Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ Brings In The Mad Hatter

10.03.16 2 years ago 40 Comments

Last week in Gotham, we saw Ivy get newly aged up and become substantially more homicidal, while Bruce Wayne’s possibly evil clone has shown up and been accepted at Wayne Manor, and Leslie has come back to Gotham from her visit to Deadpool. Now, tonight, another Batman villain returns as the Mad Hatter tries to hypnotize audiences.

Gotham being Gotham, there’s an insane amount going on. In addition to Homicidal Ivy, Jim Gordon’s newly introduced love triangle, and the two Bruces, we’ve also got Penguin doing his best Trump impression as he campaigns for Mayor, Nygma in jail, and the Hatter, who hired Gordon to find his sister Alice. If you know anything about the Mad Hatter and his obsession with women named Alice, you know that this is going to end incredibly poorly for all involved.

Still, it’s Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin and his foray into politics we’re most looking forward to. Penguin has taken his personal vendetta against the newly revived Fish Mooney to an extremely public level, to the point of leading an angry mob to try and kill her and getting media attention for it. This is probably going to go horribly wrong, of course, but after electing a psychopath as mayor, at least Penguin is a native son. We’ll find out how it goes tonight at 8 p.m. ET. Join us, won’t you?

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